the complete digital process chain from a single source for orthodontic practices and laboratories.



This very question is answered by us by offering our common “toolbox” ensuring a validated process in the digital work flow. We present SMART FLOW – a complete offer for the digital process chain – from a single source. After the scanning process we offer the entire product range for each step, beginning with the digital tooth transposition, 3D printing and ending with patient treatment. This results in a complete process chain, optimized for orthodontic practices and laboratories:

The concept is designed to offer the user the possibility to enter the SMART FLOW at any time, getting a matched product line and service from a single source.


The OnyxCeph3TM CA® SMART 3D software 2.0 is designed for planning, transpositionsand control in the context of the aligner therapy.

  • processing of data sets
  • cephalometric measurement
  • virtual teeth segmentation
  • transpositions/set-ups controlled by the CA® philosophy reflectedin the software
  • preparing and exporting print data
  • generating 3D reports
  • direct data export to the Asiga Composer software

After scanning using a model or intraoral scanner, the data is imported from the patient software via VDDS interface to the OnyxCeph3TM CA® SMART 3D 2.0. It is important to process only closed STL data.

In the next step, the OnyxCeph3TM CA® SMART 3D 2.0 automatically repairs the imported data and prepares it for further processing. Before starting the set-up transposition, the scanned jaw models have to be trimmed and mounted. The software carries out an automatic control of transpositions during the set-up that is based upon and controlled by the CA® CLEAR ALIGNER treatment philosophy of Dr. Pablo Echarri. The control over the therapeutic process and value creation during all involved treatment steps stay in your hands.

The OnyxCeph3TM CA® SMART 3D 2.0 software is available as clinic or lab version with license for up to five work stations on the network, including a one-day software training. For further informations visit:

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The advantages of the 3D printer Asiga MAX are obvious:

  • compact, quiet and fast: 2 hours in 100μm layers in vertical alignment using the resin IMPRIMO® LC Model.
  • easy z-alignment
  • validated process for the use of numerous materials.
  • SPS®: Smart positioning system for precise printing results.

For model printing with a 3D printer STL data is required. With just a few clicks, the export module of the OnyxCeph3TM CA® SMART 3D software 2.0 generates STL data and transfers it to the 3D printer Asiga MAX.

The printer software Asiga Composer positions the imported model data on the build platform in the build space. Asiga Composer is conceived as a nesting software for positioning data and creating support structures to stabilize the objects. The printing software does not process, i.e. repair or modify STL data.

Once the objects are finally aligned, the corresponding material is selected, e.g. IMPRIMO® LC Model for models. The final step before starting the print job is to determine the layer thickness. Using the slicing function, the print object is sliced into layers and the images for projecting are calculated.

The material parameters that are stored in the software ensure that the resin polymerizes properly in the corresponding layer thickness. Upon completion of the printing process, the objects must be removed from the build platform, cleaned with isopropyl and cured in a light oven. Curing requires a light oven having a wavelength of 385 nm and using protective gas. Now the models can be used for pressure moulding.

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BIOSTAR® and MINISTAR S® stand for maximum performance when it comes to presssure moulding in practices and laboratories:

  • working temperature is reached in just one second
  • featuring scanning technology for simple programming
  • patented thermostatic heater control
  • clearly structured display
  • acoustic and optical user prompting
  • ergonomic pellet receiver
  • superfluous pellets fall back into the containter to be reused
  • MINISTAR S®: 4 bar working pressure
  • BIOSTAR®: 6 bar working pressure, data base on scanned material and indications, application instructions and video animations

The pressure moulding machines BIOSTAR® and MINISTAR S® are validated for use within the digital work flow. They stand for extremely accurate moulding results. Current versions are equipped with scanning technology and patented heater control. The BIOSTAR® library is accessible via a large format display and leads you through the single working steps.

For a set-up, the printed model (dental arch) is placed on the model platform for successive thermoforming the CA® foil in various thicknesses (soft, medium, hard). It is important to cover the model with an ISOFOLAN® foil first before pressure moulding the first CA® foil. The exact procedure can be found in the BIOSTAR® library.

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For patient treatment, you have a variety of products to choose from, depending on the therapeutic progress.

The digital work flow ends exactly where it has begun – in the dental chair. Depending on the current therapeutic state, various treatment devices can be used. The first choice for invisible and gentle correction of malocclusion is the CA® CLEAR ALIGNER with its clinically proven 3- splint system.

INDIVIDUA®, the transfer mask for the indirect bonding technique, is best suited for quick and easy bracket positioning. 

MEMOTAIN®, the retainer made from Nitinol®, ensures that the current teeth alignment after the end of treatment is maintained and stabilized. Computer-controlled production guarantees high precision fit to the individual teeth alignment of the patient.

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