Aligner splints with specifically designed VECTOR ® expansion screws

Iserlohn, Germany
Peter Stückrad, Master Dental Technician, CDT, Certified CA® CLEAR ALIGNER Speaker

Course no. 17 – module 5

Aligner splints with specifically designed VECTOR® expansion screws

Correction of malocclusion, i.e. crowdings and rotation of single teeth or groups of teeth with a CA® CLEAR ALIGNER splint gets even more economic, effective and time-saving in comparison to the conventional CA® set-up technique when incorporating specifically designed VECTOR® expansion screws. Transparency and aesthetics of the splints stay the same.

In many cases in orthodontics, the first task during treatment is to resolve crowdings, in order to be able to move individual teeth.

If an expansion is not intended or if it is not possible to carry out an interproximal enamel reduction, distal transposition of teeth might be indicated.

A preliminary treatment involving these specific VECTOR® screws can be performed in any case, no matter which aligner system is being used (CA® CLEAR ALIGNER, CA® Professional, Invisalign® etc.).

This course provides both theoretical foundations and the possibility for the practical fabrication of various types of CA® CLEAR ALIGNER splints with incorporated VECTOR® screws. The course is aimed in particular at dental technicians and dental practitioners.

You are free to bring one of your patient cases for case review.

Course details

  • Case-related indications of aligners with incorporated VECTOR® screws:
    - Preparing an aligner with a VECTOR ® 40 screw for expansion in the lower jaw or for a fan-type expansion using the VECTOR ® 45 screw in the upper jaw
    - Preparing an aligner with two VECTOR ® Piston spring screws for single tooth movement - even during an initial orthodontic treatment involving a VECTOR® 40 screw.
    - Preparing a CA® DISTALIZER acc. to Dr Pablo Echarri for single- or double -sided molar distalisation
    - Presentation of the TFA kit according to Dr Pablo Echarri for gap closure in the posterior region using the telescope sleeve with guiding rod and special traction screw.
    - Presentation of VECTOR® 30 screws for lateral frontal expansion in combined use with the CA® Arch CHROMIUM in the upper jaw.
  • Review of work results and discussion
  • Hands-on workshop
    - Preparing the hard plaster models for pressure moulding
    - Thermoforming the splints using BIOSTAR®/ MINISTAR® S devices
    - Incorporation (by polymerisation) of the screws and auxiliary parts
    - Finishing and polishing
    - Control: Fit and function

09:00 a.m. - 06:00 p.m., max. 4 participants

€ 415,- incl. VAT at the current level

CARAT® Wire bending pliers and Ortho arch bender are provided during the workshop. The course fee includes material, lecture notes, certificate, catering during the day.

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