CA® CLEAR ALIGNER SMART 3D Software Training

Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Ahmad Hbous

Course No. 32
CA® CLEAR ALIGNER SMART 3D Software Training

Participation in this software training is subject to having attended the CA® Initial Course before or being certified CA® partner.


This course gives an insight into the basic features of the OnyxCeph CA® SMART 3D Software. You’ll get acquainted with the complete feature range involving importing and processing digital models, set-up planning and final software export.

Course details

  • introduction
  • general information on the software
  • basic features and model preparation
  • import of STL data
  • set-up planning
    - segmentation and movement of crowns
    - planning of steps and print preparation
    - generation of the prognosis
    - step planning
    - exporting data and processing them for printing
    - data transfer via FTP server
  • practical training on the laptop
  • final discussion

Horizon Dental Laboratory, Jumeirah street, Terrace Building, Office 302, Jumeirah 1, Dubai, UAE

09:00 a.m. - 04:00 p.m., min. 8, max. 20 participants

€ 350,- per person - Participation only possible after confirmed registration!

Laptops are not provided!

The course fee includes material, lecture notes, participation certificate, beverages and catering during the day.

When purchasing tne CA® SMART 3D software the course fee of € 350 will be reimbursed.

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For all participants who participated in the CA® Initial- and SMART 3D software training in Dubai, we offer a 3D printing training with our Asiga MAXTM (free of charge) on 20 September 2018.

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