CA® CLEAR ALIGNER gnathological Set-Up-Training

Iserlohn, Germany
Peter Stückrad, Master Dental Technician, CDT, Certified CA® CLEAR ALIGNER Speaker

Course No. 26 – Module 3
CA® CLEAR ALIGNER gnathological Set-Up-Training

Practical course on the fabrication of a gnathological Set-Up in the techniques, CA® CLEAR ALIGNER, positioner and lingual orthodontics, complementing the CA® courses module 1 and 2, addressing clinicians and dental technicians.

Course details

  • Model fabrication
  • Fabrication of duplicates
  • Separating and finishing of single tooth segments
  • Fabrication of Set-Up models
  • Presentation of ECHARRI Templates
  • Preparation of an ideal Set-Up, taking into account the index acc. to Pont, the curves acc. to Wilson, Weise and Spee as well as the control of ABC contacts and canine guidance
  • Demonstration of a 3D final set-up and presentation of two-coloured models printed by CA DIGITAL (upper and lower jaw)
  • Trouble shooting
  • Conclusion of the day



09:00 a.m. - 06:00 p.m., min. 4 Participants

€ 415,- incl. VAT at the current level.

The course fee includes all materials for the fabrication of a gnathological Set-Up, lecture notes, certificate, catering and light refreshments during the day and pick up service from the hotel to SCHEU-DENTAL. Patient cases for discussion can be brought along.

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