CA® CLEAR ALIGNER Advanced Seminar Level II

Frankfurt/Main, Germany
Dr. Pablo Echarri, DDS
Please note:
Language: English with simultaneous translation into German

Advanced Seminar Level II with Dr. Pablo Echarri, DDS from Barcelona:

The therapeutic possibilities of the CA® System an "the state of the art 2020" incl. the CAA® CLEAR ALIGNER SMART 2D an 3D Software.

The correction of malocclusion using aesthetic CA® CLEAR ALIGNER splints has evolved into an important therapeutic area in orthodontics, in particular in adult treatment. Using the CA® splint concept, a comprehensiveand convincing therapeutic concept could be realized that has proven successful in numerous clinical cases.

These are some of the advantages offered solely by the CA® technology:

  • high quality, biocompatible thermoplastic splints
  • excellent wearing comfort, ideally suited for adult treatment
  • high value creation in your practice
  • free choice of set-up fabrication: it’s up to you to choose between the analogue and digital production
  • complete treatment control
  • a variety of application possibilities

Course details

  • Function of CA® CLEAR ALIGNER — updating the protocol
  • CA DIGITAL: The possibilities of the digital world
  • OnyxCeph3 CA® SMART 3D: Importing and processing digital models, set-up planning and final export of the STLdata to the Asiga MAX composer software
  • Types of CA® CLEAR ALIGNER appliances
  • CA® CLEAR ALIGNER: Aesthetic 3-3
  • Space closure treatment — how to increase the anchorage
  • Crowding treatment: expansion and stripping — how to reduce the number of steps
  • Clinical activation of CA® CLEAR ALIGNER — how to prepare the aligners
  • New tools: VECTOR® Screws and stripping kit
  • CA® CLEAR ALIGNER in combination with the CA® POWER GRIP System (no. 1-9)
  • CA® CLEAR ALIGNER: Essential 5-5 and Professional 7-7
  • Treatment with expansion, distalization and extraction
  • Class II treatments
  • Class III treatments
  • CA® CLEAR ALIGNER in the mixed dentition
  • Combined treatment using CA® CLEAR ALIGNER and fixed appliances:

    • establishing the posterior occlusion before using the CA® CLEAR ALIGNER for the correction of the anterior teeth
    • Treatment with CA® CLEAR ALIGNER in one arch and fixed appliances in the opposite arch
    • Treatment with CA® CLEAR ALIGNER at the beginning and finishing with fixed appliance  (How/when)
    • CA® CLEAR ALIGNER in the retention phase and in the treatment of the relapse

  • The 6 CA® pliers (TIP 1-6)

09:00 a.m. - 05:00 p.m.

English with simultaneous translation into German

€ 415,- incl. VAT

The course fee includes lecture notes, convention beverages, catering during the day.

Participation is due to prior confirmed registration.

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