CA® CLEAR ALIGNER Initial Course

Iserlohn, Germany
Peter Stückrad, Master Dental Technician, CDT, Certified CA® CLEAR ALIGNER Speaker

Course No. 31
CA® CLEAR ALIGNER  Initial Course

The CA® CLEAR ALIGNER Initial Course serves as basic course for the software training course on CA® CLEAR ALIGNER SMART 3D.

This course gives an insight into the convincing CA® system and philosophy of correction of malocclusion using aesthetic splints. In addition to the theoretical aspects, the course offers the possibility for the fabrication of CA® splints in practice and serves as preparation for the one-day software training on the CA® CLEAR ALIGNER SMART 3D.

Course details

  • Introduction in the CA® CLEAR ALIGNER philosophy
  • Indications
  • Clinical protocols acc. to Dr. Pablo Echarri
  • Maximum tooth movements acc. to Dr. Pablo Echarri
  • Set-Up planning
  • Pressure moulding of CA® foils using the BIOSTAR® and MINISTAR S®
  • VECTOR® 40, VECTOR® 45, VECTOR® 50, VECTOR® 350 expansion screws
  • CA® Distalizer and TFA Dr. Pablo Echarri
  • CA® Power Grip Set
  • CA® CLEAR ALIGNER pliers TIP 1 - 6
  • Final discussion

09:00 a.m. - 05:00 p.m., max. 4 participants

€ 415,- incl. VAT at the current level.

The course fee includes material, lecture notes, participation certificate, beverages and catering during the day.

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