CA® CLEAR ALIGNER Set-Up with our CA® SMART (2D) Software

Iserlohn, Germany
Peter Stückrad, Master Dental Technician, CDT, Certified CA® CLEAR ALIGNER Speaker
18.08.2020 - 19.08.2020


Course No. 16
CA® CLEAR ALIGNER Set-Up with the CA® SMART (2D) Software

Two day CA® CLEAR ALIGNER training for Dentists*/Orthodontists* and Technicians

The correction of malocclusion with highly transparent splints has become an important part of orthodontic therapy, especially in the adult treatment. These splints are a complete and convincing therapy concept, which has been proven in over 400.000 clinical cases since 2010.
This two day technical course provides an extensive training in manufacturing of CA® CLEAR ALIGNER splints for various indications.
Digital pictures will be used to compare and control the set-ups. The digital CA® CHECKER for torque and angulation is also integrated in the current CA® SMART (2D) Software. Each participant will get his own Laptop and CA® CHECKER during the course. Also we present and use the fixing block and the auxiliary set for CA® Photo Support to take photos images. (*This course is recognized for CA® certification - dentist or orthodontist practice)

Course details

  • Introduction
  • The convincing CA® CLEAR ALIGNER splint concept
  • General principles
  • Clinical papers (1-40)
  • Clinical protocol and clinical issues acc. to Dr. Pablo Echarri
  • Maximum tooth movements acc. to Dr. Pablo Echarri
  • Enamel reduction procedures and tools
  • CA® CLEAR ALIGNER experience, treatment and manufacturing process:
    - Indication of CA® cases and description
    - Introduction of material and accessories
    - Set-up fabrication; intrusion, extrusion, protrusion, retrusion, rotation, bi-lateral expansion
  • Measurement of the set-up models with the CA® SMART Software in combination with the CA® Photo Support
  • CA® CHECKER (digital precision device) measuring torque/ angulation
  • Pressure moulding using BIOSTAR® and MINISTAR S®
  • CA® CLEAR ALIGNER with specifically developed VECTOR® screws
  • Introduction of the CA® Distalizer acc. to Dr. Pablo Echarri
  • The CA® pliers (TIP 1 to TIP 6)
  • Using CA® plastic buttons & elastics
  • How to use the CA® POWER GRIP attachments
  • Recall and trouble shooting
  • Hints for acccounting
  • Benfefits and conclusion

09:00 a.m. - 06:00 p.m. each day

EUR 735,- € incl. VAT at the current level

The course fee incl. material, lecture notes, pick up service from the hotel to SCHEU-DENTAL, certificate, catering during the day, one dinner with the group

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