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VECTOR® 770 acc. to Prof. Godt/Schweizer

The VECTOR® 770 screw is a special screw for insertion in multi-sector plates, enabling transversal expansion (> 3 mm) with simultaneous proclination in the front ( > 3 mm).

The delicate design allows placing the VECTOR® 770 screw very close to the palate, the thin material ensuring high wearing comfort.

VECTOR® Piston screw assortment

Stainless steel screw for single tooth movement during orthodontic treatment with removable appliances. Three different screw lengths allow large protrusion by a constant and precisely controlled amount of pressure on the tooth.



Comfortable nasal pillow mask designed for patients with low CPAP compliance. Since the TAP® PAP mask is anchored to the upper teeth with a special ThermAcrylTM mouthpiece, it is very stable, will not move or leak nor leave annoying marks on the nose and face.

AM Aligner

Thermoplastic occlusion trainer for condylar reposition after wearing protrusion splints during the night. The AM Aligner is heated and adapted to the patient's upper jaw by the clinician.

Bite Fix® Bite Registration

Reusable bite fork made of sterilisable resin, for simple and precise registration of construction bites in anti-snoring therapy.

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New version!
The enhancements made to the CA® SMART 2D software in version 4.0 offer new possibilities for tooth movements in the CA® set-up technique. Thanks to the modified presentation of the different views it is now possible to take lateral and vestibular photos in addition to frontal and occlusal photos. Single or multi-user installation, can be carried out by your local system administrator. Comes with CA® web cam.
System requirements
From Windows 7 Service Pack 1, USB 2.0 port, OpenGL Version ≥ 2.1 and DirectX 9.0c, monitor with resolution of min. 1024 px × 768 px, mouse with scroll wheel


CA® Foil extra soft / soft / medium / hard*

NEW: CA® Foil extra soft
High-quality, transparent, hard-elastic material for gentle tooth alignment with aesthetic splints in the CA® system. Material with original CA® labelling stating the thickness: extra soft (0.4 mm), soft (0.5 mm), medium (0.625 mm) and hard (0.75 mm).

*Delivery exclusively to certified CA® CLEAR ALIGNER partners.


CA® Travel Case*

Retainer box for up to two CA® CLEAR ALIGNER splints. Specific shape to fit easily into purse or luggage. Detachable lid with additional space for expansion key, two ventilation holes.

*Delivery exclusively to certified CA® CLEAR ALIGNER partners.

CA® Splint case for patients*

NEW: Splint remover
Handy zipped case for storing and carrying CA® splints. Resealable CA® mini grip bags for passing on the CA® splints to the patient, can be labelled. Splint remover for easy removal of pressure moulded splints.

*Delivery exclusively to certified CA® CLEAR ALIGNER partners.

CA® Book volume 2 Advanced

Complements volume 1, for advanced users. With advanced therapeutic options of the CA® CLEAR ALIGNER system and survey of the state-of-the-art in CA® CLEAR ALIGNER technology, such as Progressive Stripping Therapy (PST), CA® POWER GRIP moulds No.1-9, VECTOR® 30, CA® Distalizer Kit acc. to Dr. Echarri, digital technology, extraction cases and combined therapy.

More than 250 pages with many coloured illustrations.

OnyxCeph3TM CA® SMART 3D

The independent software solution for digital planning of aligners and virtual bracket positioning with numerous interfaces to the practice software. An automatic control of transpositions during set-up is defined in the CA® CLEAR ALIGNER treatment philosophy and correspondingly reflected in the software. The control of the complete treatment process and value creation during all involved treatment steps remain in the hands of the user. Available as clinical or laboratory version as license for up to five workstations in the network. One day software training included.alent.
System requirements:
Network server and workstation with Intel 2.3 GHz (or higher), 8 GB RAM, 64 bit system, 200 GB HD space, operating system Windows 7 or higher/server OS, 1000 Mbps Ethernet, graphics card NVIDIA Geforce GTX | GTS or equivalent.

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OnyxCeph3TM CA® SMART 3D – clinic

Meets the demands of orthodontists for efficient support in daily practice routines. Enables features such as importing scan data or starting of scan processes, superposition of 3D data sets, creation of base moulds, labelling, exporting and archiving of model data.

OnyxCeph3TM CA® SMART 3D – laboratory

Meets the demands of lab owners for precise planning, transpositions and control of digital aligner and multi-band solutions. Enables processing of 2D and 3D data sets, virtual segmentation of teeth, digital bracket positioning and export of printing data.


Now available in 0.4 mm material thickness!
Hard-elastic transparent material, bonds to DURASPLINT® and DURASPLINT® LC. Apply LC primer prior to using DURASPLINT® LC. No pre-drying required. 
Miniplast splints, occlusal splints, interim and fluorisation splints, drilling/X-ray templates, ant-snoring appliances, invisible retainers, temporary crowns and bridges.



Now available in 0.4 mm material thickness!
Hard-elastic transparent material, bonds to DURASPLINT® and DURASPLINT® LC. Apply LC primer prior to using DURASPLINT® LC. With integrated insulation foil. No pre-drying required.
Miniplast splints, occlusal splints, interim and fluorisation splints, X-ray/drilling templates, anti-snoring devices, temporary crowns and bridges, invisible retainer.


DURAN®+ white pd

New material in proven DURAN® quality, now available in white (Vita OM1). With integrated insulation foil. Already pre-dried and vacuum sealed for instant use.
Cosmetic splints


Visco-elastic material, does not bond to acrylic, blue.
Radiopaque material for the exact visualisation of the clinical situation in computer tomography.

BRUX CHECKER® acc. to Prof. Sato

Foil with one-side colour coating for analysis and therapy planning as well as for control of prosthetic restorations.

Manual "Diagnosis of occlusion in bruxism" (Kanagawa Dental College, Japan) can be found here.


The IMPRIMO® system now includes the Asiga MAXTM 3D printer, offering intuitive operation with fast and precise printing results. The built-in LCD panel with touch screen function provides real-time information on the building process and enables interactive control. Multiple print jobs can be stored on the internal solid-state drive and managed via touch screen or remotely via web browser. Printing jobs can be transferred over Ethernet or Wifi. In the absence of networking infrastructure, the Asiga MAXTM can operate as a wireless hot-spot for an independent production solution. Thanks to the IMPRIMO® 385 nm material range and reliable DLP technology, the Asiga MAXTM can be used in all fields of dentistry. Printing jobs can be created using the Asiga Composer software, included license-free with every system.

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Light-curing resin, castable and burning-out residue-free for fabrication of dental cast objects. Compatible with 3D printers with light source of 385 nm. Light-curing resin, castable and burning out residue-free.


Light-curing resin for fabrication of a transfer matrix in the indirect bonding technique. Compatible with 3D printers withlight source of 385 nm.


Light-curing resin for fabrication of gingival masks. Compatible with 3D printers with light source of 385 nm.


New generation
The compact pressure moulding unit MINISTAR S® equipped with scanning technology: scanner reads the coded material, allowing programming of all important parameters such as heating time, temperature and cooling time. In other words: precise pressure moulding results are reached in record time thanks to the extremely fast, patented heater and working pressure of 4.0 bar. The new generation is equipped with a user-friendly membrane keypad and a large display. All operating parameters are monitored and indicated on the display.
Power: 230/115/100 V, 750 W
Working pressure: 0.5 - 4.0 bar
Dimensions (W × H × D): 500 × 210 × 400 mm
Weight: 9 kgs
3 years warranty, 10 years availability of spare parts


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