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SCHEU-DENTAL products and know-how offer you the key to analysing and treating cranio-mandibular disorders (CMD). Correct treatment is the basic requirement for sustainable success in this field of therapy.

The BRUX-CHECKER® is a foil of 0.1 mm thickness  for analysis and treatment planning, with a colour coat applied to one side. It has been developed by Prof. Sadao Sato (Kanagawa Dental College, Japan) and successfully applied since 2000. By abrasion of the colour coat the foil registers occlusal interferences, in particular in bruxism.

The foil is moulded over a hard plaster cast and has to be worn for at least one night by the patient.  By evaluating the parafunctional grinding pattern thus received, your dentist can identify potential causes of the given disorder in order to find the appropriate treatment. 

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The CMD Device has been developed in close cooperation with the German dentist and expert in CMD disorders Dr. Christian Köneke and is based on his long standing practical experience. The connection between upper and lower jaw is made by two continuously adjustable telescopes, which can be fixed easily in any position in the mouth.

You can order the required fabrication set with Zantomed GmbH  

The manual "Occlusal diagnosis in bruxism (Kanagawa Dental College, Japan) can be downloaded at.

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