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New aligner material from SCHEU-DENTAL

An appropriate material for use in the aligner therapy has to meet a wide range of criteria: A continuous high force level with low initial force is certainly one of the most demanded characteristics.

That is exactly what has been achieved by developing the new CA® Pro material for the aligner therapy from SCHEU-DENTAL, thus meeting in particular the expectations in terms of biomechanics.

Thanks to its flexible elastomer core, which is embedded in a hard-elastic double shell, the new CA® Pro material maintains a constant force level considerably longer than conventional aligner materials. At the same time, its initial force level is lower allowing for a gentler treatment start and thus more wearing comfort for the patient.

The double shell construction with elastic intermediate layer simultaneously provides greater material flexibility and break strength.

CA® Pro is available in thicknesses of 0.5, 0.625 mm and 0.75 mm and diameters of 120 and 125 mm.


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