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Wanted- Found: The oldest BIOSTAR® has been found – at the Polyclinic for Orthodontics of the University Medical Centre in Mainz/Germany.

  • In the best of moods: The team of the polyclinic for orthodontics at the University Medical Centre Mainz (in the picture from right to left): Irma Ningel-Malgay, PD Dr. Dr. M.Sc. Collin Jacobs, dentist Ambili Mundethu, Stefan Löblein and Dr. Christina Erbe with SCHEU-DENTAL sales representative Sascha Salker while handing over the new BIOSTAR® VII of the 2017 jubilee edition.

  • The current generation of BIOSTAR® VII (left) is built since 2015, he first BIOSTAR® generation (right) has been built between 1967 and 1976. The winning BIOSTAR® in the orthodontic laboratory of the University Medical Center Mainz has the serial number 200.

We used the occasion of the BIOSTAR® jubilee in 2017 to look for the oldest still functioning BIOSTAR® in Germany - and came up with it:

The "oldie" with the serial number 200 is doing its job in the laboratory of the polyclinic for orthodontics at the University Medical Centre Mainz!

Since end of the 60ies, the unit has been serving science – a long and eventful history to look back to!  Initially it was used mainly for the fabrication of positioners, in the 80ies retention splints and plates followed, then later on Essix splints and aligners.  The BIOSTAR® even made it to gynecology by thermoforming soft medical trays made of BIOPLAST® for cancer patients.  For this purpose, a special disc with a kind of elevation for the application of the medication had been developed.

By the way, the most prominent user of the device was Kuno Frass, who moved from Munich to Mainz end of the 70ies to assist Prof. Steger with some works in the context of his habilitation.

The dental technicians Stefan Löblein and Peter Kornely, both working in the laboratory of the polyclinic for orthodontics at the University Medical Centre Mainz already since the mid-70ies, like to remember the old days when heating and thermoforming still was a question of technical experience instead of pre-programmed heating and cooling times in the unit.  So they really enjoy it every time their BIOSTAR® of the 5th series is occupied and they can use their old treasure once again.

We also are very pleased that the BIOSTAR® with serial number 200 has been such a faithful companion over all these years and warmly congratulate the clinic of orthodontics on using the oldest still functioning BIOSTAR® in Germany!  Our dental technician and sales representative Sascha Salker had the pleasure to hand over the prize of the promotion, a brand new BIOSTAR® VII of the jubilee edition, to the team of the polyclinic on 13 March 2018.  Presumably in 2020, the laboratory will be moving to a new building, together with this new BIOSTAR® that hopefully will be doing such a good and reliable job for such a long time as his big brother. 


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