90 Years Dental Technology

Products are changing, values and standards remain.

In 1926, company founder and dentist Rudolf Scheu laid the foundation for SCHEU-DENTAL - a family company, now in its third generation. From the very beginning, priority has been attached to highest product quality and attention to detail. The realisation of complex precision constructions requires dexterity and experience. Therefore at SCHEU-DENTAL many parts are still manufactured by hand. 

The partial denture with clasps was the product of the early days and then in the 1950ies the SCHEU anchor was the most important product, both still being part of the production line.  End of the 1960ies, the BIOSTAR® pressure moulding technique set another milestone in the development of cutting-edge dental technology. Besides the first access into dental sleep medicine end of the 1990ies, with the introduction of the CA® CLEAR ALIGNER splint system another important sector in the company's product line was integrated.

Nowadays numerous dental products in the sectors of orthodontics, pressure moulding technique and dental sleep medicine prove their high quality in daily use in practices and laboratories of more than 100 countries.  Thanks to continuous and consistent research, SCHEU-DENTAL is among the companies shaping actively and decisively the future development of dental technology.  As early as the 1950s, the founder of the company used international business trips and contact to expand his knowledge of state-of-the-art dental technology and make sure the latest developments were incorporated in the products.

Staff at Iserlohn is proud of the world-wide trust placed in their innovative product ideas, meeting the ever-increasing treatment demands. With scanning, 3D planning and printing of working models, splints or individual impression trays new working procedures completing the digital workflow find their way into dental practices and laboratories. "We are among the pioneers of this process of digitalisation and are looking forward to the promising developments of the future.  It is our aim to implement new technologies in efficient working processes", CEO Christian Scheu points out.  As a founding member  of Ortho-Alliance®, SCHEU-DENTAL is committed to the specific development of digital processes and products for modern orthodontics.

With its SCHEU-ACADEMY the company provides a platform for continuous training and courses addressed to dentists, orthodontists and dental technicians. The extensive programme includes courses on certification for the TAP® or CA® CLEAR ALIGNER splint systems, pressure moulding workshops and courses accessing the digital process chain in orthodontics. 

With the acquisition of Smile Dental some years ago SCHEU-DENTAL added another orthodontic specialist to its network, as well as CAD/CAM expert in the guise of CA DIGITAL GmbH in Düsseldorf. As of today, some 150 employees belong to the SCHEU group.

SCHEU-DENTAL is one of the few companies, being able to look back on an active family tradition made in Germany. The staff appreciates SCHEU-DENTAL as an attractive employer in the area. "A great number of employees have been loyal to us for many years, some of them even in the third generation.  I'm very happy about this, as it shows that traditional values are consistent and can also help to meet the demands of the future" Christan Scheu concludes.


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